2019-03-04 17:18:00

Russian Council of Muftis head forecasts dramatic increase in number of Muslims in Russia

Moscow, March 4, Interfax - Russian Council of Muftis Chairman Ravil Gainutdin said that the percentage of the Muslim population in the country will significantly increase in the foreseeable future.

"According to experts whose competence is in no doubt, up to 30% of the Russian population will be Muslim in a decade and a half," Gainutdin said at a scientific and practical conference titled "The History of Islam in Russia: Understanding and Looking into the Future" at the State Duma on Monday.

Gainutdin said he is able to confirm this based on his experience of conducting celebratory services at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque for over 30 years. "Such forecasts are generally confirmed in practice," he added.

In February, the Public Opinion Foundation presented the results of the poll, according to which the number of Muslims in Russia was 7%, or about 10 million people.

According to the Council of Muftis chairman, Russia's biggest cities need dozens of new mosques, basic remuneration packages for clergy, and the strengthening of research and educational and theological centers that are located not on the outskirts, but in capitals, near the major academic science centers.