2019-02-28 18:42:00

Russian-speaking Jews in Israel and Russia bridge between 2 peoples - Netanyahu

Moscow, February 28, Interfax - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised the special contribution by Russian-speaking Jews in the development of his country.

"We are very glad to meet with you in the framework of today's visit. I am proud of the right to lead Israel and, of course, to be the representative of many Jews in new relations such as these. Over a million Russian-speaking Israelis have changed our country and together with the Jewish community here, in Russia, in Moscow, have become a binding link, a bridge between our two peoples," Netanyahu was quoted by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) as saying at a meeting with senior representatives of the Russian Jewish community on Thursday.

It is crucial for Israel to have "good relations such as these with one of the strongest global powers," he said. "But we care not only about ourselves, we care about Jews wherever they are," Netanyahu said, adding that, "there is one answer to anti-Semitism: it is, above all, a strong Israel."

FJCR President Alexander Boroda, in turn, told Netanyahu that the Russian Jewish community will always favor the development of friendly relations with Israel.

"We share enough common ground both on culture, education and science, and on the economy and tourism to support one another on the global political stage. The community's main task, though, is, of course, to strengthen the horizontal ties between our countries' residents and keep up the dialogue in the universal human context," Boroda said.

The meeting was also attended by Moscow's chief rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt and the Russian Jewish Congress' President Yury Kanner.