2019-02-27 17:09:00

UOC dioceses in Vinnitsa Region may be disconnected from power, heating supply for refusing to rename Church

Moscow, February 27, Interfax - The administration of the Vinnitsa Region said the ruling archbishops of the local dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church need to change its name in their charters. Otherwise, the secular authorities reserve the right to deprive the UOC of power and heating supply.

"Valery Koroviy, head of the Vinnitsa regional state administration, told the ruling archbishops that the diocese directorates may be disconnected from power and gas supply if they do not possess charters with state re-registration (and with a name change)," Metropolitan Ionafan of Tulchin and Bratslav said after the meeting between the archbishops and the region's administration.

Thus, there is the possibility of "the diocese directorates of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church being put into an 'induced coma,' under an artificial blockade of diocese management centers for allegedly unpaid supply of power, heating and water to the buildings of the diocese directorates and the classrooms of children's Sunday schools," the metropolitan said.

Igor Saletsky, head of the regional directorate on nationalities and religious affairs, warned the archbishops in the meeting that the diocese directorates of the UOC will be inspected for compliance with the internal charter regulations after Easter. "The official suggested that the archbishops still re-register the charters of their diocese directorates (as branches of the 'foreign church' of an aggressor country)," the metropolitan said.