2019-02-22 21:59:00

Klitchko speaks in defense of UOC

Moscow, February 22, Interfax - Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitchko called against interference in the affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and spoke against encroachments on its property.

"I am half-Russian, my mother is Russian. Will we drive all Russians, Romanians or someone else away now? There are different monasteries, it's faith, Church, and one should not get into these things," Klitchko told an elderly Kiev woman who had said the monastery in the Kiev Goloseyevsky Park should be taken as it is "unfortunately, Russian."

"If we are Ukrainians, let everything be Ukrainian," the woman told the mayor in a video published on Facebook.

In the meantime, the Kiev mayor did not agree with that position. "I want to say frankly: it doesn't matter if a monastery is Russian or Ukrainian," Klitchko said.