2019-02-11 10:58:00

Bishop of Ukraine’s new church was not allowed to Russian monastery on Athos

Moscow, February 11, Interfax - Archimandrite Evlogy (Ivanov), rector of St. Panteleimon Monastery on Athos, did not let Pavel Yuristy, who is considered a bishop in Ukraine’s new church, enter the Russian monastery on Mount Athos.

Sources in the Russian Orthodox Church informed Interfax that the rector just closed the gates of the monastery before representatives of Ukraine’s new church and did not allow them enter the church and venerate the holy relics, explaining that they are not recognized in the convent.

On the eve, Bishop Pavel was welcomed in another Athos monastery - Pantocrator, where monks celebrated Liturgy and vespers with him. These were the first services conducted by Athonite monks jointly with representatives of the church recently established in Ukraine mostly from representatives of non-canonical organizations.

However, the Moscow Patriarchate’s high officials referring to the Orthodox teaching more than once noted that those who celebrate services with schismatics become schismatics themselves.

The creation of the local Orthodox church of Ukraine backed by the Constantinople Patriarchate and independent of the Moscow Patriarchate was announced at the unification assembly in Kiev on December 15. The new church is made up of representatives of the country's uncanonical church structures. The head of the new church received a tomos on autocephaly from Patriarch Bartholomew on January 6.

No other Orthodox Churches have recognized the new church or agreed to send a delegation to the enthronement.