2019-02-11 10:43:00

Ukrainian Constitutional Court to consider constitutionality of law on changing subordination of religious organizations

Kiev, February 11, Interfax - Ukraine's Constitutional Court has received a petition signed by 47 parliamentarians demanding that it find the new law on the order of transition from one church to another to be unconstitutional.

The text of the document was posted in the "Under consideration" section on the court's website.

The parliamentarians want the court to consider the matter urgently with a month.

Most of the deputies are from the Opposition Bloc (including its leader Vadim Novinskiy), Revival Party (Anton Kisse, Vitaly Barvinenko) and independents (Vladimir Litvin, Yury Boyko who was expelled from the Opposition Bloc).

The bill was favored by 229 Rada members on January 17, 2019, and signed by President Pyotr Poroshenko on January 28.

Under the law, the state recognizes the right of a religious community to change the subordination of religious centers by registering a new charter or modifying the existing version. A relevant decision shall be made at a general meeting which may be convened by members of the religious community.