2019-02-07 17:59:00

Jehovah's Witnesses use prison term of the Danish citizen to blacken Russia - expert on sects

Moscow, February 7, Interfax - Professor of Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University of Humanities, renowned expert on sects Alexander Dvorkin believes American leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses stand behind the citizen of Denmark Dennis Kristensen who was given a prison term for organizing the cell of sect in Oryol.

"As a human, I feel pity for Kristensen. He is another victim of heartless totalitarian sect, which prudently and cynically put him at risk, hoping that he will receive a prison term. Now they will use this case for their propaganda, and as a reason for increasing pressure on ordinary members of the sect: let your indices grow - Dennis Kristensen is suffering for you! Certainly, they use his imprisonment for intensifying the campaign on defamation of our country," Dvorkin told Interfax on Thursday.

He regretted that dozen thousands of Russians and millions residents of other countries continue believing "these shameless manipulators and businessmen".

The expert wished Kristensen enlightenment and liberation "not only from the camp, but also from sectarian manipulations with minds," and supposed that Danish Jehovah's witness violated the law consciously.