2019-02-04 14:53:00

Russian pro-lifers consider late-term abortions permitted in the USA a murder

Moscow, February 4, Interfax - Russian pro-lifers believe that abortions after 24th week of pregnancy, permitted by the Act on reproduction health recently adopted in the USA, are murder of a formed human-being.

"Termination of pregnancy on late terms can never be approved, as in fact it is legalized murder of a formed human-being at the stage when he or she is ready to come into the world with its rights and equal opportunities," head of the Women for Life Foundation Nataliya Moskvitina told journalists on Monday.

American lawmakers believe that late-term abortions protect female health and mothers have a right to terminate baby’s life in case of potential illnesses. Russian activists are sure that Americans "roughly substitute the values."

"According to the lawmakers, abortion is permitted for preserving "mental health." However, we know that health is a complex of physical, moral and psychiatric factors that are in harmony with each other. And abortion changes a woman’s mentality when she allows killing of her baby, especially on late terms," Moskvitina said.

According to her, abortion is not a mercy as they try to convince society in the United States.

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