2019-02-04 11:09:00

Yepifaniy hopes new Ukrainian church to be granted patriarchate status

Kiev, February 4, Interfax - Yepifaniy Dumenko, the head of the new Ukrainian church, has called for church unity in the country.

"We believe that, in due time in the future, all these efforts will translate into the endorsement of patriarchate status for our local Church," Yepifaniy said following his enthronization ceremony in Kiev on Sunday.

"We call for church unity of Orthodox hierarchs, the clergy, monastics and laypeople. The doors or the local Church and our hearts are open to you," he said.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine is open to cooperation and dialogue with other Christian Churches and religious organizations in Ukraine, he said.

The enthronization ceremony was held in line with the Byzantine Rite at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Yepifaniy turned 40 on Sunday.