2018-12-29 19:55:00

Constantinople Patriarchate is involved in fight between authorities, Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Metropolitan Onufry

Kiev, December 29, Interfax - The Constantinople Patriarchate took the side of the Ukrainian authorities in the fight against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Onufry, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said.

In his report at the eparchial meeting of the clergy of the Kiev Diocese, Metropolitan Onufry called "the involvement of our brothers from the Constantinople Patriarchate a painful method of fight against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church."

"We are living under the threat of adoption by the Ukrainian parliament of openly anti-church laws aimed at destroying the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a Church of the people of Ukraine, which has a 1,000-year long history," he said.

"It is even more painful to us, Orthodox Christians, that the Constantinople Patriarchate, our brothers in faith, are involved in the fight against our Church," Metropolitan Onufry said.

"The clergy, the monastics and the laymen of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are under pressure from forces that have a lot of influence on the mass media and form the information policy of Ukrainian society," he said.