2018-12-27 19:17:00

Patriarch Kirill doubts Patriarch Bartholonew's "sound mind"

Moscow, December 27, Interfax - Constantinople's decision to cancel the 300-year-old decree on transferring the Kiev Metropolitanate to Moscow could not be adapted in sane mind.

"Constantinople's actions are perplexing from the point of common sense. I wonder how they could say that they abolish Patriarch Dionysius' charter of 1686! I wonder how anyone of church or secular leaders being in sound mind can say that a historical act of 300-year-old is abolished," Patriarch Kirill said in Moscow resuming the results of the Supreme Church Council.

He recalled Aristotle's words that the only thing God is unable to do is to make being not being.

"Act of 1686 is the reality which was the beginning of a long story. Can we imagine that the Great Britain abolishes the act of India independence?" Patriarch Kirill wonders.

According to him, it would equally strange to abolish the act of independence of the United States. "Will it change anything? Everyone will laugh at it," the patriarch said stressing that "abolishment" of the 300-year-old document is "a caricature story", which Constantinople decided to perform and "it looks as tragedy and comedy together."