2018-12-25 15:00:00

Ukrainian Orthodox Church compares new Ukrainian church to Tower of Babel, which collapsed

Moscow, December 25, Interfax - The new church of Ukraine, like the Tower of Babel, was built by people, who tried to make their names immortal and show God that they can reach Heaven without his help, a Ukrainian Orthodox Church official said.

"The Lord stopped that absurd enterprise. He mixed the builders' tongues and they stopped understanding each other. Having lost mutual understanding, they were scattered, never finishing their construction work, never finding a common language and points of contact. That ambitious project collapsed, being burdened by lack of understanding and differences. More than 5,000 years has passed since then. But there are still people who want to compete with God. History apparently doesn't' teach such people anything, and it calls on us to draw conclusions: any projects that disregard the existence of the creator of the world are destined to fail," Metropolitan Antoniy, property manager of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said in an article posted on the website Orthodox Life.

The schismatic project recently created in Ukraine "is like the Tower of Babel, and its authors will have the same fate: numerous differences and discord," he said.

Metropolitan Antoniy said various forces are represented in the unification assembly team, and "they are quite serious by human measure, but there is no main uniting force, God's force."

Specifically, a believer will never follow political, schismatic or other manipulations, he said. "Believers understand that one can only reach Heaven in Christ. All other attempts will lead to a fall," the metropolitan said.