2018-12-21 13:50:00

Center of Ukrainian Orthodox Church is in Kiev, not in Moscow - Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, December 21, Interfax - The center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is located in Kiev, not in Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church told Ukrainian parliamentarians.

"As for the Rada's decision today that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church cannot have this name due to its being a structure whose center is located in Moscow: first, the charter of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church states clearly that its center is located in Kiev," Vladimir Legoyda, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations, told Interfax on Thursday evening.

Secondly, the charter of the Russian Orthodox Church "does not fix the geographical center of the Church as a whole," he said.

"The Synod of the Russian Church, its Bishops' Councils, can meet anywhere. By the way, before 2014, Synod sessions were held once a year in Kiev. And this year, the Synod met in Minsk," Legoyda said, commenting on the bill passed by the Verkhovnaya Rada that says that "a religious organization that is a structural part of a religious organization with its center in the state that has committed military aggression against Ukraine and temporarily occupied its territory must indicate affiliation with this religious organization outside the country in its name."