2006-05-26 09:31:00

Radicals attempted to disrupt speech by Oscar Wilde grandson within the framework of the first Moscow gay parade

Moscow, May 26, Interfax - A group of radical youths attempted to disrupt a lecture by Oscar Wilde's grandson Merlin Holland at the library of foreign literature within the framework of the first Moscow gay parade "Moscow. Pride '06."

Several dozen young radicals broke into a hall of the library where Holland was delivering a speech, head of the GayRussia.ru project, one of the organizers of the parade Nikolay Alekseyev told Interfax.

The intruders shouted nationalist slogans, insulted those present and then started throwing eggs, he said. Moreover, they tried to disrupt the lecture and sprayed an unknown gas.

"An unknown gas was sprayed in the hall, stopping the lecture for several minutes. However, they did not mange to disrupt it," Alekseyev said.

Police officers ordered the lecture hall evacuated and detained the demonstrators, he said.

The lecture has resumed in another hall of the library, Alekseyev said.