2018-12-19 11:27:00

Vatican's embassy denies having recognized new Ukrainian church

Moscow, December 19, Interfax - The Apostolic Nunciature in Kiev has dismissed claims by Evstratiy Zorya, a spokesman for the new church of Ukraine, that it has already been recognized by Vatican.

The archbishop drew this conclusion after seeing a statement on the Vatican's official site about the election of "Metropolitan Epiphany as the leader of the autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church." Meanwhile, the Nunciature said in a communique that that did not amount to a recognition of the new religious organization.

"Over the past few days some information organs of the Holy See published, among other things, information about the events which took place in the Orthodox Ukraine recently. This is consistent with the role of every public communications organ, which is to inform its users of what happens in the world," the communique said.

"Should the Holy See wish to publish its official position regarding those events, it will do so with the aid of the appropriate means and tools used in such cases."