2018-12-14 13:03:00

"Kiev Patriarchate" to nominate 2 candidates for head of Ukraine's unified church - source

Kiev, December 14, Interfax - The self-proclaimed Kiev Patriarchate will nominate two candidates for the post of head of Ukraine's unified Orthodox Church, who will be chosen at the unification assembly on December 15, an informed source told Interfax.

"There will be two candidates from the Kiev Patriarchate," the source said.

On Thursday, the Kiev Patriarchate's council of bishops held an open vote for its candidate, the source said.

"Patriarch Filaret proposed that the Kiev Patriarchate rally around one candidate in the hope that he [the candidate] will be backed unanimously," the source said.

"Patriarch Filaret's candidate" was Metropolitan Yepifaniy Dumenko. Most of the bishops attending the council's meeting backed Metropolitan Yepifaniy, while 12 voted against him.

"Some [bishops] were afraid of openly disagreeing with Filaret," the source said.

Another possible candidate for this post is Metropolitan Mikhail Zinkevich, who is backed by the bishops, he said.

The participants in the unification assembly will vote by secret ballot, the source said.