2018-12-13 14:45:00

SBU says found evidence of 'inciting interethnic strife' in searches, interrogations of Ukrainian Orthodox clergy

Kiev, December 13, Interfax - Evidence of incitement of interethnic strife has been collected from clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, according to deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Viktor Kononenko.

"Searches and interrogations have been conducted as part of concrete criminal inquiries, which were launched neither today, nor yesterday," Kononenko said at a press briefing in Kiev on Thursday.

Materials indicating activity aimed at inciting interethnic enmity were seized, he said.

"So there is relevant evidence. And [evidence was gathered] during interrogations of clergy, too. The materials that we have seized were published on the SBU's website. You can see yourself whether it is legal or illegal. I believe that if they say that there is a single faith, and all other believers are [members] of the non-canonical [church], schismatics, this is a restriction of their rights," Kononenko said.