2006-05-24 13:49:00

CE commissioner for human rights concerned for oppression of sex minorities in Russia

Moscow, May 24, Interfax - The new Council of Europe commissioner for human rights Thomas Hammarberg has stated that sexual minorities are oppressed in Russia.

‘There is also a problem of respect for representatives of non-traditional orientation. This group is also subjected to discrimination’, Hammarberg said in an interview to the Nezavisimaya gazeta daily published on Wednesday.

He also said the ban imposed by the Moscow authorities on the gay-parade was ‘a sad news’.

‘Peaceful demonstrations and marches should be permitted. Indeed, it is a question of freedom of assembly. If the demonstration was banned for security considerations, then the question arises whether the authorities have taken necessary actions to oppose the spread of prejudice against people of non-traditional sexual orientation, as homophobia is one of the forms of xenophobia and we cannot put up with it’, the Euro-commissioner stressed.