2018-11-15 11:10:00

Date of unification assembly not known yet - "Kiev Patriarchate"

Kiev, November 15, Interfax - The media reports stating that the date of the unification assembly in Ukraine has been approved are rumors, people close to the leader of the self-proclaimed "Kiev Patriarchate" said.

The publication Golos.au earlier reported that the assembly will be held in a week, on November 22. In the meantime, Yevstraty Zorya, the press secretary of the Ukrainian "Kiev Patriarchate", has his own version of the time of the organization of the forum, where a new church independent of the Moscow Patriarchate is expected to be created.

"The date of the Assembly will be determined officially. It has not been officially announced yet. Essentially, there is no date. In the same way as the tomos, which was drafted a long time ago, but it will only become a document after its official adoption and release," Zorya said on Facebook in the early hours of Thursday.

The rumors about the date of the assembly are being reproduced with one purpose: if the assembly does not take place on the stated date for any reasons because the process of preparations has not been completed yet, it will become a reason to speak of "treason."

"Therefore, one should now have unfounded expectations to prevent unfounded dissemination of 'treason' later. A wreath is put on a head, not on feet. The announcement of the date of the assembly will mean that the process of preparations has been completed. And now the preparations are going, although not easily, not with positive dynamics, with a sober vision of the key persons and their objective wish to achieve successful completion, a tomos on autocephaly, as soon as possible," Zorya said.