2018-11-14 21:54:00

"Unification" council to be held in Ukraine on Nov 22 - media (updated)

Moscow, November 14, Interfax - The locum tenans of Constantinople's Western Europe Exarchate, Metropolitan Emmanuel of France will arrive in Kiev on Thursday in preparation for the so-called unification gathering, the Golos.ua reports.

The aim of the gathering is to create a new Ukrainian church independent of Moscow's Patriarchate.

The gathering, due on November 22, by which time a charter of the "Orthodox church in Ukraine" and the tomos of autocephaly will have been prepared, is to elect the leader of the future church, the website said.

Constantinople will send two exarchs to Kiev to vote at the gathering, the website said. The leaders of the non-canonical Ukrainian churches, Filaret Denisenko and Makary Maletich, will attend the forum's sessions to "rid the archbishops of the temptation to split into old 'parties'."

The new entity will be run independently, but its leader will receive the myrrh and confirmation from the Ecumenical patriarch.

A draft tomos has already been included in the regulation of more than 20 Patriarchate of Constantinople methochions that Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko had promised to hand over before the presidential election.