2018-11-06 11:35:00

A new science of destructology appears in Russia

Moscow, November 6, Interfax - The presentation of a new scientific discipline of destru˝tology which examineű the totality of destructive challenges to life, health and well-being of people took place in Moscow.

"At present, our citizens are dying and losing their property not only due to the activities of extremists and terrorists. No less damage is caused by destructive subcultures, suicidal games and hobbies, sects, magicians and pseudo-healers, psycho-cults and medical dissidents," Roman Silantyev, a developer of a new branch of knowledge, professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University, told Interfax.

According to him, the risk zone is the widest audience, but the number of specialists able to adequately assess the full range of threats is very small.

"Some scientists specialize in sects, in terroristic threat or in prevention of teenage suicides, while modern challenges require a more universal approach," Silantyev said.