2018-10-08 13:16:00

Even the most reckless politicians won't be able to destroy the centuries-old spiritual ties of Ukraine with Russia - Russian foreign ministry

Moscow, October 8, Interfax - The Russian foreign ministry is concerned about the interference of the Ukrainian authorities in the affairs of the Orthodox Church.

"Unfortunately, after the radicals from Maidan came to power in Ukraine, we witnessed an artificial escalation of tension in the religious life of this country. Its leadership, forgetting about decency, unbelted and is doing everything to deepen the existing split in Ukrainian Orthodoxy," Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said in an interview published on Monday by the Izvestia paper.

According to him, the attacks of both the authorities and the national radicals are directed exclusively against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, whose community is the largest in Ukraine, and the clergy occupy the "most neutral line" without interfering in politics.

"Obviously, this is what those who put opportunistic "political expediency" above spiritual ideals do not like," Karasin suggests.

He pointed out that an "aggressive information campaign" against the UOC has been launched today, and this is being done against the background of "the impudent statements of the USA State Department to support the provision of autocephaly to unrecognized Church structures in Ukraine." This point, according to the Russian diplomat, "only aggravates the situation, provokes further split and violence, fraught with the most unpredictable consequences."

Karasin noted that the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that their actions intend to achieve a "civilizational gap" between Ukraine and Russia, but Moscow proceeds from the "fundamentally different".

"Nobody, even the most reckless politicians, will be able to destroy the centuries-old spiritual, historical, kinship, humanitarian, cultural ties between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. Most of us are destined to live in a good neighborhood. The story does not end today," the deputy foreign minister said.