2018-09-18 10:20:00

Constantinople exarch in Kiev collects works of Ukrainian nationalists

*** He presented ex-leader of the Pravy Sektor works of the OUN ideologist

Moscow, September 18, Interfax - Archbishop Daniel of Pamphilon, one of the two exarchs of Patriarch Bartholomew in Kiev collects works of Ukrainian nationalists.

Mayor of Dnepr Boris Filatov, who has met with the archbishop, told that the hierarch confessed him he had collected all lifetime editions of theorist of Ukrainian nationalism Dmitry Dontsov.

At his page in Facebook Filatov also said that Archbishop Daniel asked him to convey several books by Dontsov to former leader of the Pravy Sektor (banned in Russia) to Dmitry Yarosh.

Dontsov (1883-1973) was the chief ideologist of "integral" Ukrainian nationalism, preaching quick decisive actions for the sake of national interests. Ideas and views of this author were laid in foundation of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.