2018-09-14 14:31:00

Moldovan president proposes outlawing gay prides

Chisinau, September 14, Interfax - Moldovan President Igor Dodon has called for banning marches of sexual minorities in the country.

"We should defend and firmly protect our traditional family values. I believe it's necessary to teach children to love and be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle from the youngest possible age. In this context, we are introducing a comprehensive national program of building and developing facilities for free mass sports. Because each young family and each newborn child is a treasure to our country, which needs to be cared for and fostered," Dodon said at the opening ceremony of the World Congress of Families in Chisinau on Friday.

He regretted that "not everyone shares this standpoint."

"I'd like to particularly dwell on the propaganda of phenomena insulting our values and public morals. I am convinced that such propaganda should have no place in our society. Holding festivals and other events promoting immoral principles should be firmly denounced, up to outlawing them," he said.

Dodon vowed "to provide support to all organizations and associations of parents set up to protect children from negative influence."