2006-05-19 11:44:00

Gay-parade organizer: the march will take place despite ban by Moscow authorities

Moscow, May 19, Interfax - The gay-parade will be held on the scheduled day despite the ban imposed by the Moscow authorities, and an appeal against the ban will be lodged with the Moscow City Court, the march organizer Nikolay Alexeyev told Interfax.

He also stated that ‘since the right to hold marches is sealed in one of the constitutional articles having direct action the march will be held on May 27 as planned and we will appeal against the ban by the Moscow authorities to the Moscow City Court’.

He described the wording of the refusal as ‘an absolutely arbitrary action by the Moscow authorities’. ‘We see in this decision of the Moscow authorities an act of discrimination on sexual orientation grounds which is against the Russian law’, the organizer of the march said.

Alexeyev also stressed that the idea of holding a gay-parade in the Russian capital was supported by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg’.