2018-09-12 17:08:00

Metropolitan Onufry calls on flock to stay faithful to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Moscow, September 12, Interfax - Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine has called on his flock to preserve the purity of faith and not to follow politicians who go from one party to another one.

"God does not demand that we give our life, but he wants us to have principles in our faith. He does not want us to be vague, like politicians are: today he is in one party, tomorrow he is in another one, the day after tomorrow he changes the party again, and then he is not a member of any party at all. We have one 'party', figuratively speaking, it's the Christian Church, the holy Orthodox Church. And we need to have principles and preserve the purity of faith that the Lord gave us," the metropolitan said in Kiev on Tuesday after a service commemorating the beheading of John the Forerunner.

Metropolitan Onufry said that "the right faith is the right vector in life, which shows people where to go," whereas "a person who does not have right faith may go towards God, but will not reach God."

The metropolitan wished all Orthodox Christians to be faithful to God and have principles in faith issues, and also go the path outlined in the Gospel.

"This path is called narrow, but it is pleasant, it is not bitter. The broad path is the path of sin, one can run from side to side there, but there is bitterness everywhere, some inner bitterness, sadness, despair [...] May the Lord help us walk this path," Metropolitan Onufry said.