2018-09-12 11:28:00

Washington stands behind Constantinople's actions in Ukraine - historian

Moscow, September 12, Interfax - Director of the Katehkon analytic center historian Mikhail Yakushev expresses an opinion that the USA intelligence services stand behind Fanar's actions on providing autocephaly to Ukrainian schismatics.

"I think that keys to this conflict belongs neither to Moscow, nor to Fanar, nor to Kiev. They could be found in "Washington regional committee", which opposing elder Filofey's guidelines tries to act as "the forth Rome" in order to divide and rule not only in political, but also in church life of Orthodox Churches," Yakushev writes in his article posted by Interfax-Religion.

The historian noted that "starting to split two Orthodox peoples after USSR collapse, "the Washington committee" has recently developed echeloned attack on the Moscow Patriarchate dividing its Ukrainian Orthodox Church, driving a wedge between the "New" and the "Third" Rome and making a death blow at universal Orthodoxy".

According to the expert, the Russian Orthodox Church should wait for the final position of Fanar on the matter and then announce a complex of prepared "response and decisive measures based on the diplomatic principal of reciprocity."

Yakushev believes that the Moscow Patriarchate could announce the Constantinople Church schismatic and stop communicating with it.