2018-08-02 11:05:00

Poroshenko dismissed an official who promised him autocephaly to the Day of Russia's Baptism - media

Moscow, August 2, Interfax - Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko dismissed deputy head of his administration Rostislav Pavlenko "in connection with transition to the other job," the presidential decree posted at his website says.

Pavlenko changed Vladimir Gorbulin at the post of director of the National Institute for Strategic Research.

The Ukrainian media reported that in Poroshenko's administration Pavlenko was a curator of the idea of providing autocephaly to Ukraine. According to Strana.ua, on Pavlenko's suggestion Poroshenko voiced that Ukraine would receive the Tomos to the Day of Russia's Baptism.

"It was clear that such a complicated question could not be settled in few months in such a conservative structure as the Church, especially taking in consideration opposition of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church," the source in the administration told Strana.ua.

According to him, there was a group of people headed by Pavlenko in the president's surroundings who decided to give Poroshenko wunderwaffe (wonder weapon) for winning the elections.

"They convinced him that it was possible to obtain autocephaly from the Ecumenical Patriarchate quickly and sell it to electorate as a colossal victory. Basing on their information Poroshenko voiced the guidelines on receiving the Tomos to the Day of Russia's Baptism. But the reality was quite different. It turned out that Pavlenko and Company just let down the president," the interviewee of the edition resumed.