2018-07-02 13:55:00

Metropolitan Hilarion does not recommend to marry adherents of other religious traditions at backgrounds of the Mundial

Moscow, July 2, Interfax - Head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion doesn't consider it appropriate to seek marriage with foreigners belonging to different religions during the World Football Cup.

“We, clerics, do not recommend our parishioners to marry people belonging to other religious tradition, it is connected with unhappy experience of many such couples, who have to face arguments, tensions and contradictions on religious grounds, especially, when they give birth to children and have to decide in what religious tradition to bring up their children,” he said on air The Church and the World TV program on Rossiya-24, answering the question about probable birth of “Mundial children.”

According to the hierarch, “when husband and wife belong to one religious tradition it doesn't guarantee that their marriage will be successful, but joint church life, joint prayer, joint participation in church services - all these things close up people.”

“If the wife goes to church on Sunday and the husband has namaz (Muslim prayer - IF) on Friday, if the husband has a day-off on Sunday and his wife has Shabbat on Saturday, it will create certain difficulties, especially, if these two people seriously stick to their religious tradition,” Metropolitan Hilarion believes.