2018-06-29 13:16:00

Delegation of the Constantinople Patriarchate will come to Moscow on July 9 for discussing the topic of Ukrainian autocephaly

Athens, July 29, Interfax - Delegation of the Constantinople Patriarchate will come to Moscow on July 9 to discuss prospects of giving autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church, head of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion said.

“A delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is making a tour of Local Orthodox Church to find out their attitude to the idea of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. On July 9, the delegation will come to us in Moscow. We will certainly hear out the arguments they will present”, the metropolitan said in his interview with Romfea church news agency.

According to him, the most important thing is that two Churches, of Constantinople and of Russia, should begin a “full-fledged dialogue”, as “a distant exchange of opinions going on in recent months, including through the mass media, is an unsuitable way of solving the problem of the Ukrainian schism”.

It seemed very important to the metropolitan that Local Churches should “show the solidarity as a guarantee of the unity of the Orthodox Church”, he stated that “any support for the schism may undermine this unity; what is more, a support for the schism in one place will immediately encourage schismatics in other places to raise their heads.”

Metropolitan Hilarion considered it important that at his meeting with the four Ukrainian hierarchs, Patriarch Bartholomew “very clearly stated that there will be no legitimation of the schism whatsoever.”

“I very much hope that the problem of the Ukrainian schism will be solved only canonically,” Metropolitan Hilarion said.