2018-06-26 18:33:00

The hunting control service believes bears in Murmansk 'learned' the schedule of church feasts

Moscow, June 26, Interfax - People frequently meet brown bears in the Murmank Region and the regional hunting control service is ready to start shooting tiresome animals.

Deputy head of the regional office Valentin Barashkov told Interfax that people unwillingly attract bears when they throw food, leave open containers for litter, and bringing food to cemeteries. Mother bears bring there their cubs, baby bears remember these places and return there when they grow older.

"We see an interesting trend: bears better than we know the time of religious feasts. On the Easter and the Pentecost they always come to cemeteries," Barashkov said.

As was reported, on May 23 in tundra of the Lovozersky District of the Murmansk Region a bear attacked a deer shepherd of the Tundra agricultural cooperative. According to local media, the shepherd tried to save a baby deer from the bear.