2018-06-26 17:21:00

A bell-tower that can be managed from a cellular phone opened in Yamal

Moscow, June 26, Interfax - A bell-tower that can be launched from a mobile phone opened in the town of Gubkinsky in the Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Region.

As Vesti-Yamal website reported, local St. Nicholas Church set up a system 'electronic bell-ringer'. Until now the bell-ringer rang the bells personally to inform citizens about Orthodox feasts, but the new system let the bells ring even without a bell ringer.

"The system does not substitute the ringer, it helps him, it helps the church, so that each church could have its voice, so that bells could ring, so that we could use it before the service and after it. It is managed easily from a cellular phone," staff member of the international center for bell ringing art Alexander Sterkhov said.

About 70 melodies are programmed in the system. Each can ring during a certain Orthodox service or feast. Now a bell ringer can administer the bells even if he is staying in a different city.