2018-06-25 14:58:00

Russian LGBT activists contest in ECHR bans on gay pride parades in 118 cities

Moscow, June 25, Interfax - Anapa became the 118st Russian city in which bans on LGBT events have been contested in the European Court of human Rights (ECHR), Nikolay Alexeyev, leader of the Russian gay movement, said on a social networking site on Monday.

"Anapa became the 118th city of Russia in 80 of the 85 regions of Russia where bans on public LGBT events have been contested in the Strasbourg court," Alexeyev said.

"The nationwide campaign for freedom of assembly for LGBT people now involves 231 cities of Russia," he said.

Alexeyev earlier said claims had been filed with the ECHR about bans on gay pride parades in various regions of the country. According to his information, some of those claims have already been accepted for consideration by the Strasbourg court.

Russian activists' complaints about denials of authorization for gay pride parades and other public LGBT events have now been registered in Nalchik, Kineshma, Vladivostok (February 2017), Shuya, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk (June 2017) and Novodvinsk.

Alexeyev earlier said the Moscow LGBT community planned to apply to the Guinness Book of Records as the mayor's office's denial of authorization of the event at that moment was the tenth denial; a record for bans, which no city in the world can boast.