2018-06-13 18:34:00

Russia's synagogues are ready to meet 10,000 Jewish football fans

Moscow, June 13, Interfax - Jewish communities of Russia welcome 10,000 football fans from Israel and and several thousands Jewish tourists from other countries of the world, who are going to visit the World Football Cup in Russia according to ISTAA.

"Today the Jewish community is ready to welcome such a flow of guests from Israel and other countries, we are happy to provide services on celebrating Shabbat, lessons of Torah, Kosher food and to tell all the guests, no matter what religion they confess, about the history of the Jewish community of Russia. Many historic buildings of synagogues are objects of cultural heritage in Russia and it will be interesting to learn more about them to all who are interested in the history of our country," president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia told the journalists.

According to the Jewish official, though the Israel team does not participate in the Cup, the interest of the country's citizens to the event has not reduced.

The Cup will last two weeks in the Russian capital and everyone can visit the prayer and Saturday kosher meal in synagogue where two premises housing 1,000 people each will be open.

Mobile app with contact information about all Jewish communities of the cities hosting the Cup will be launched. Special information stands for tourists with English-speaking aids will be set up in community centers. Yeshiva students who speak different languages will help rabbies in synagogues of the cities-hosts.