2018-06-07 16:54:00

Head of Byelorussian Ministry of Interior about LGBT: they won't go anywhere

Moscow, June 7, Interfax - Byelorussian Minister of Interior Igor Shunevich says that his institution secures moral foundations and is outraged that public organizations have not reacted as they should to rainbow flag put on the buildings of the USA and British Embassies on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia.

"They (LGTB - IF) won't go anywhere. The Ministry of Interior secures public order and morality of our country," Shunevich told the journalists on Thursday answering the corresponding question.

Shunevich also said that according to his personal opinion, situation with the flag was "a kind of test of our civil society on maturity and it does not pass the test in a certain way."

"No public organization, association or a group of people expressed indignation with the fact. No one demanded to take off the flag though its demonstration violated a certain Vienna convention. But, unfortunately, neither religious nor public organizations have reacted on it," he said.

Commenting the statement of British Ambassador Fionna Gibb about discrimination of LGBT community in the country, Shunevich said: "I believe we don't have any discrimination - there are rules of co-existence and laws that should be respected by everyone including representatives of foreign states."