2018-06-01 14:34:00

Former Orthodox priest who joined schismatics turned out to be journalist Babchenko's "murderer"

Kiev, June 1, Interfax - Volunteer monk, the Pravy Sector (banned in Russia - IF) activist Alexey Tsymbalyuk - former Archdeacon Aristarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the so-called Kiev Patriarchate said that he was asked to be the executor of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenkoís murder, after such order he turned to the Ukrainian Security Service.

"SBU hasnít let me down, everything is ok with me... After the record of receiving prepayment for the murder was made public without changing my voice, I donít see any sense in hiding," Tsymbalyuk wrote in Facebook on Thursday.

He noted that he signed a paper about not spreading information, "so it wonít be any interviews in the nearest future."

Tsymbalyuk participated in Kievís military operation in east Ukraine and according to his account lives in Odessa.

On May 29, media and Ukrainian authorities reported that Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who had worked for ATR TV in Kiev since 2017, was shot dead in the hall of the block-of-flats in the Ukrainian capiltal. Next day SBU head Vasily Gritsak reported that Babchenkoís "murder" was a part of the Ukrainian law-enforcers special operation aimed at preventing his assassination and Babchenko himself participated in the briefing with representatives of the media.