2018-05-30 11:03:00

Metropolitan of Kishinev urged authorities not to allow marches of sex minorities

Moscow, May 30, Interfax - Metropolitan Vladimir of Kishinev and All Moldavia requested the president, head of the parliament and prime minister to ban marches of sexual minorities in the country.

The metropolitan stressed that according to article eight of the law about meetings, the authorities have right not to allow actions violating public morals, rights and freedom of other people. He reminded that according to Article 48 of the Moldavian Constitution "a family is based on a marriage between a man and a woman made on their mutual agreement, on their equal rights and their right and duty to bring up and educate children."

"Nevertheless, the LGBT march was held, hundreds policemen were attracted to provide security. This immoral action was a new provocation of society that sticks to moral vertical in the spirit of Christian teaching. Though the Metropolitanate didn't urge religious community to come out against the March without Fear, numerous citizens demonstrated their own will and come out to a peaceful protest with songs and prayers about repentance," Metropolitan Vladimir wrote.

According to him, hundreds of peaceful protesters suffered from policemen, including women and children. "They were beaten with rubber batons, stopped with tear gas, applied physical violence against them and dispersed them. Policemen destroyed several icons and tore robes of several clerics, they inflicted not only physical, but also moral and psychological harm," the metropolitan said.

On May 19, members of LGBT community and their allies, including foreigners, held a march of sexual minorities in Kishinev. First time for the years of holding such actions its participants managed to go all the route along one of the central streets in Kishinev. According to the police, about 500 people participated in it.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church tried to interrupt the march, but dense police cordons did not let them in order to avoid clashes. Not long ago Metropolitan Vladimir condemned the march and asked Kishinev administration to ban it. A week earlier, the Orthodox Church held a march in protection of family values. President Igor Dodon with his family participated in it and spoke for traditional family and Orthodox values.