2018-05-24 12:27:00

Serbian patriarch supports the unity of the Russian Church

Moscow, May 24, Interfax - Patriarch Irinej of Serbia decisively spoke for the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church and called all those who help Ukrainian schismatics enemies of the entire Orthodox world.

“Today the suffering Ukrainian Orthodox Church, at the site where St.Vladimir baptized people of Holy Russia is desecrated by blasphemy of schismatics, violence and bloodshed,” the patriarch said on Wednesday in Moscow at the ceremony of giving him the Prize of the Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations.

He noted that everyone knows heroism of hundreds thousands of Serbs, who “were fighting to the death” for holy Orthodoxy, so, according to Patriarch Irinej few words would be enough to express the attitude of Serbian Church to the situation in Ukraine.

“Our response is the same as the response of our predecessors: the Serbian Church entirely supports the unity and integrity of the Russian Orthodox Church and decisively condemns actions of uniates and schismatics who tear apart the robe of Christ at the place of Kievan Baptism betraying their people to enemies,” the Serbian spiritual leader said.

According to him, “everyone who helps Ukrainian schismatics is not only an enemy of the Russian Church and the Russian world, but also of all Orthodox Slavonic peoples and the whole Orthodox world.”