2018-05-22 16:50:00

Moldovan president says LGBT march in Chisinau is alien to his country

Chisinau, May 22, Interfax - Moldovan President Igor Dodon has criticized the government and police for permitting a march of sexual minorities in Chisinau on May 19.

"I strongly denounce the authorities and police for facilitating the organization of this march. These values are alien to us, and I don't accept them. I favor traditional family values and the observance of Orthodox traditions," Dodon said at a press conference on Tuesday.

"The police's behavior was unacceptable in that they took measures against those who wished to prevent the march from being held," he said.

"If the government wanted this march to be held so badly, they should have held it in the government building. There was no need to block traffic throughout the entire city because of a few dozen people," Dodon said.

Dodon said he was not against development of relations with the West, but "they should not force values alien to us [on us] so persistently."

"Ninety-eight percent of the people in our country are Orthodox. This explains society's sensitive reaction to these marches and the imposition of these ideas. Our society rejects them, and this should be taken into consideration," he said.

This year, the marchers managed to walk the entire length of the planned route for the first time. Attempts by Orthodox activists to disrupt the march were prevented by police, who took unprecedented security measures by blocking the central streets in Chisinau to traffic.

Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova condemned the march and demanded that the Chisinau administration not allow it. A week before, the Orthodox Church conducted a march in defense of family values.