2018-04-05 16:51:00

Ethnic minorities in Iraq lost hope unlike Syrian Christians - Russian Church official

Moscow, April 5, Interfax - Secretary of the Department for External Church Relations on Inter-Christian Affairs of the Moscow Patriarchate Hieromonk Stefan (Igumnov), who visited Iraq in March arrived at a conclusion that believers there had list hope for returning home.

"The feeling of anxiety and lack of hope reign in Iraq unlike Syria where people have hopes for peaceful life," he said on Thursday at a press conference in Moscow.

The priest conveyed the call of Iraqi Christians as they ask to set up special conditions for them so that they could feel safe.

According to the representative of the Russian Church official, tens of thousands of residents left the Nineve Valley and only about 1,5 thousands of families have returned to their towns controlled by Christian militia.

"People are afraid of coming back home, not having the guarantees of security," he said noting unless special conditions are set up for Christians they will continue leaving their country.

The Moscow Patriarchate official pointed out that there were no open clashes with terrorist groups in Iraq and then terrorist passed to sleeping cells, which contributed to preserving tensions in Iraqi society.