2018-04-04 18:45:00

Expert on religion doubts that Mormons would be able to build a church in Russia

Moscow, April 4, Interfax - Renowned religious expert, Moscow State Linguistic University Professor Roman Silantyev is not sure that Mormons would be able to build their church in Russia as it was announced at the general conference in the USA.

"I doubt that such a project will be successful realized in Russia, considering that there are few Mormons here, and their missionary work is reduced to minimum today. Even more numerous Krishnaites have not succeeded in building it for 15 years", Silantyev told Interfax-Religion.

It was also said at the conference that the place for building a church in Russia would be announced later. Besides, it is planned to build Mormon churches in Argentina, India, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and American states Utah and Virginia.