2006-05-16 14:32:00

Orthodox Muscovites will resist gay parade if it ever takes place

Moscow, May 16, Interfax - The Union of Orthodox Citizens believes that the protest against gay parade would support Russian demographic policy.

‘The latest address of the President to the Federal Assembly poses the demographic issue as essential for Russia’ sovereignty and national survival. Any apology of sexual perversion, including the so-called gay parade runs contrary to the presidential address,’ the Union’s statement circulated on Tuesday reads.

The authors of the document are convinced that ‘if the authorities do not enforce the law to put a stop to an unapproved parade’, the Orthodox Russian citizens would protest against it as ‘they have what to say in support of the president’s demographic policy.’

The statement also notes that the protest against gay parade could be expressed ‘in a legitimate way.’

The parishioners of the Orthodox churches along which the homosexuals could march, ‘would help law enforcement agencies to the illegal march of ‘non-traditionals’ by standing peacefully on the sidewalk and blocking the way to the parade.’

The statement of the Union of Orthodox Citizens affirms that only religious motivation rather then material well-being is effective to increase birth rate - the experience of the economically successful Western countries proves that.