2018-03-27 10:18:00

Mufti of Moscow calls Putin the father of Russian nation

Moscow, March 27, Interfax - Albir Krganov, the Mufti of Moscow and the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims, called Russian President Vladimir Putin the father of Russian people.

"Russia is our big family, where we have lived for many centuries. And the head of the state to a certain degree, no matter how it sounds, is our father, our head, the leader of multinational people of Russia," he told the journalists, commenting the address of the President to Russians, resuming results of the presidential elections.

The mufti further continued the analogy with family relations, noting that "if wife and children support their father, ask for his advice on certain, even everyday questions, then peace and order will reign at home, and if there are some problems, it is easier to settle them jointly, the same is true at the country level."

"So it is important to establish understanding between the head of state and people. And results of the elections have shown that there is such mutual understanding," the mufti said.