2018-03-19 21:06:00

Metropolitan Hilarion believes western countries do not pay attention to the provoked by them exodus of Christians from the Middle East

Moscow, 19 March, Interfax - Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion says that Christians are discriminated in many countries of the Middle East as the countries, which initiated political changes ignore this problem.

“There are almost no Christians left in Libya. Only one tenth of the former number (which constituted about a million and a half due to various estimations) are staying in Iraq. Such disappointing data is the result of indifferent attitude of the western countries to the problems of Christians. These countries influence the political processes in the Middle East,” the hierarch said on air The Church and the World TV program on Rossiya-24 channel.

The metropolitan pointed out to the long list of the countries of the North Africa, the Middle East and Asian region, where Christians are subjected to constant discrimination and where they do not feel secure.

“Hundreds thousands of Christians are forced to leave the country because of the terrorist actions. In Lebanon the number of Christians is slowly decreasing because of emigration, because of growing Muslim population, because of changed balances,” the head of the synodal department said.

Metropolitan Hilarion added that in spite of stabilizing situation, many Christians were still leaving Egypt as they did not feel secure.