2018-03-12 19:13:00

Metropolitan Hilarion believes not only Bulgaria, but all countries of the former Warsaw Pact tend to revising history

Moscow, March 12, Interfax - Head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion believes that tendency to revising history and underestimating role of Russia in most important for Europe events is characteristic of all countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

"I think that to a certain degree it refers to all post-Soviet countries and all countries of the former Warsaw Block that today almost unilaterally have joined NATO military block", the metropolitan said on air The Church and the World TV program on Rossiya-24 channel.

According to him, history is revised in Bulgaria: several years ago at the celebrations dedicated to anniversary of liberating Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke Russia was not mentioned at all, though Russia declared war to Turkey, Russia liberated Bulgaria, and monument to Russian Emperor Alexander II Liberator is set up in the center of Sophia and believers pray for his repose at each Liturgy.

"There were representatives of different nationalities in the Russian Army. Romania also contributed to liberating Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke, but the Russian Army was the main force that secured that victory," Metropolitan Hilarion believes.