2018-03-07 12:57:00

Arab Spring sparked global religious extremism - Russian Security Council

Moscow, March 7, Interfax - The increase in terrorism around the world is a consequence of the Arab Spring, the Russian Security Council said.

"The current sharp rise in religious extremism and the globalization of the terror threat in the world is due to events of the so-called Arab Spring," the council's deputy secretary, Sergey Vakhrukov, said at a meeting of the council's scientific board.

Russia calls for the swift resolution of conflicts in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, he said.

The United Nations should devise a mechanism for assessing counterterrorist measures, Vakhrukov said.

"We are for the swift completion of consultations and the preparation of relevant terminology which would be the same for all countries, primarily the definition of 'terrorism,' 'terror attack,' and 'terrorist organization,'" Vakhrukov said.