2018-03-07 12:53:00

Searchers in Islamic Cultural Center in Kiev related to possible illegal actions of certain citizens, rather than center itself - prosecutor's office

Kiev, March 7, Interfax - The Kiev prosecutor's office has pointed out that investigative measures at the Islamic Cultural Center were taken on the basis of court's rulings and in compliance with the Ukrainian Criminal Procedural Code and are aimed at detecting possible illegal actions of certain citizens rather than against activities of the center in general.

"Information spread by some media on the alleged persecution of religious organizations by the [Kiev] prosecutor's office is not true. Investigative measures taken at the premises of a religious center on March 6 took place on the basis of rulings of Kiev's Podolsky District Court and in strict compliance with the requirements of the Ukrainian Criminal Procedural Code," the press service for the Kiev prosecutor's office said.

In particular, all investigative measures were recorded on video, took place in the presence of witnesses to the search and with due consideration to the center's internal rules.

"Investigative measures were aimed at detecting and exposing possible illegal actions of certain citizens and are by no means related to activities of the center as a non-governmental or religious organization," the press service said.

As reported, in the early morning on Tuesday, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) conducted searches at the premises of a non-governmental organization in Kiev and Poltava due to the possible dissemination of the content promoting violence. Searches were conducted as part of the criminal case on the counts of import, production or distribution of the content promoting the cult of violence and cruelty.