2018-02-21 11:28:00

Total of 20,500 Muslims from Russia could carry out hajj in 2018

Moscow, February 21, Interfax - The quota of 20,500 persons has been reserved to Musilms from Russia during the upcoming hajj, Albir Krganov, the Mufti of Moscow and the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims, said.

"The quota of 20,500 persons has been currently reserved to Russians in the hajj of 2018, it is important to maintain the positive dynamic and bring up organizing Russian Muslims' pilgrimage to the new level today," the mufti told Interfax-Religion, commenting on the intermediate outcomes of preparations for the hajj.

It is important that the maximum number of Russian Muslims across regions of the country could participate in the hajj, Krganov said. He said he hopes that representatives of certain Muslim organizations of Russia would focus on this task "without destabilizing the situation within the Russian ummah [the Muslim community]."

The Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims and the Crimean Muslim Board were granted the quota of 500 persons each and the right to organize the Hajj via their own tour operators in 2018, the Moscow mufti said.

This year's hajj will take place on August 19-24.