2018-02-09 13:05:00

Quotas for tourists visiting St. Basilís cathedral can be introduced after 2019

Moscow, February 9, Interfax - Quotas for tourist on visiting St. Basilís Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow can be introduced after 2019 because of the high anthropogenic load, director of the State Historical Museum Alexey Levykin told journalists.

"St. Basilís Cathedral is the sight most frequently visited by foreign tourists in Moscow. According to the information on the last year, the limit of the anthropogenic load has been reached. If this year the situation repeats, we will think over introducing quotas on visits in 2019," Levykin said.

According to him, the question of introducing quotas is not so simple as the cathedral partially belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. "We cannot just restrict the time of visits as believers should be given the right to come and pray there anytime," the director said.

He also stressed that the decision about quotas would be taken together with players of the touristic market. "First of all, we will act in interests of the touristic companies, which are working with our museum," Levykin said.