2018-01-19 16:34:00

Epiphany bathing held at the pole of cold in Yakutia at 63 degrees below zero

Moscow, January 19, Interfax - There was 63 degrees below zero at the Russian pole of cold in Yakutian town Verkhoyansk at the Epiphany night, but believers came not only to get holy water, but also to take part in the bathings.

On the Epiphany eve, rector of the most northern St.Matrona Church built in Verkhoyansk last year hieromonk Germogen (Rubtsov) held the first in the town history great consecration of water in the Yana River, the Yakutia Diocese told Interfax-Religion.

Many people were baptized this night in St.Matrona Church, then a liturgy was celebrated. Besides, spiritual literature on the Yakutian language was represented to the Verkhoyansk residents.